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Getz Healthcare Technical Services is a division of Getz Healthcare, a leading provider of technical services across Australia and New Zealand for more than 50 years.
We provide biomedical engineering services to some of the largest public and private hospitals, specialist clinics, ambulance services, day surgeries and GP practices.

Our team keeps your business running smoothly. Equipment faults or malfunctions can have a life-changing impact on your patients – we reduce the risk of disruptions to your service with expert and ongoing maintenance for your machines. 

We will also ensure your equipment remains compliant with all the relevant regulatory requirements and standards. An ISO9001:2015 certified company, we are proud of our exceptional quality management system and the high standards we maintain. 

If an issue does arise, we will solve it fast. Our team of 30+ certified engineers are located across the capital cities of Australia and New Zealand and includes some of the most experienced biomedical and clinical experts, as well as support staff, in the industry.

Finally, our innovative asset management system, Agility, affords total peace of mind. It facilitates the recording of maintenance, servicing and other work completed to ensure an accurate and comprehensive service history for every asset. Built-in checklists support compliance with manufacturers’ recommendations and preventive work can conveniently be scheduled to prolong equipment life. The online portal can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, enabling clients to lodge service requests, monitor service status, view asset history and download service reports with ease.

  • Biomedical Engineering Services

    Through our experienced team of mobile or dedicated on-site engineers located across capital cities across Australia and New Zealand, we offer entirely flexible solutions that are developed together with our customers, ensuring a fully customised and personalised support plan that meets the evolving needs of healthcare providers.

    If any challenges arise throughout the lifecycle of a Getz Healthcare medical device, our technical teams are on-hand to get devices back to working order as soon as possible so the focus remains on patient care.

Our team includes some of the most experienced and qualified biomedical engineers, clinical engineers & support staff in the industry. All technical staff undertake their work in strict accordance with relevant quality standards.

Full suite of services:
  • Maintenance to manufacturers specifications
  • Electrical safety testing to AS/NZS:3551:2015
  • Patient electrical area testing to AS/NZS:3003
  • Onsite engineer presence
  • Asset management and history
  • Contract performance reporting
  • Vendor services management
  • Overflow assistance
  • Calibration of test equipment
  • Asset tracking service
A unique service structure:
  • 24/7 support
  • Online portal for job requests
  • 30+ engineers across capital cities of Australia and New Zealand
  • Comprehensive range of test equipment
  • Best-in-class asset management system
  • Complete supply chain
  • Continuous training program and apprenticeship scheme
  • Medical Equipment Maintenance and Repairs

    With the ever-growing reliance on technology in healthcare facilities, we know how vital it is that devices are always up and running. Getz Healthcare assists healthcare providers, manufacturers and distributors with the maintenance and repair of their equipment so that it is always in perfect working order, minimising inconvenient and costly downtime.
Our factory-trained engineers have extensive experience in maintaining and repairing a broad range of medical devices, including lasers, X-ray, imaging, anaesthetic, critical care, intervention, surgical, patient monitoring, haematology and aesthetic equipment.
On-site and in-house technical services:
  • Preventative maintenance to manufacturers specifications
  • Repairs and remote support
  • Electrical safety testing to AS/NZS:3551:2012
  • Field Corrective Actions (FCA) and recalls according to TGA instructions
  • Equipment Pre-Checks and installation
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers Support
A unique service structure:
  • 24/7 Emergency Call Out Facility
  • Online portal for job requests
  • 30+ engineers across capital cities of Australia and New Zealand
  • Comprehensive range of test equipment
  • Best-in-class asset management system
  • Complete supply chain
  • Continuous training program and apprenticeship scheme
  • Management and Consulting Services

    Getz Healthcare provides management and consulting services to assist healthcare facilities, government and private institutions to plan, review and optimise their biomedical engineering operations.

Our services include:
  • Management of biomedical engineering departments
  • Asset audits and equipment condition reporting
  • Review and optimisation of biomedical engineering services
  • Capital equipment advice and procurement
  • Asset life-cycle and cost analysis
  • Patient Area commissioning and testing to AS/NZS 3003
Getz Healthcare shares your commitment to achieving the best possible patient outcomes by connecting healthcare professionals with the finest medical technologies and supplies in the market.
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