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Founded in California in 1852 by European immigrants and brothers Joseph and Max Getz, the Getz Group began as a simple general store in California.The two brothers possessed a voracious entrepreneurial spirit and their business acumen resulted in the rapid expansion of their business. Theirs became a respected wholesale business known across the United States, and by the 1870s Getz Bros. had expanded into the Asian markets, exporting dry goods and then fresh food items to Shanghai and Hong Kong. Over the next four decades, Getz Bros. became a highly recognised and trusted name in international marketing and distribution. The company rapidly expanded into South-East Asia and opened offices in Japan, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand while trading in India, Australia, Indonesia, Burma and Ceylon.

Joseph Getz & Bros. Pioneer Store in Northern California.

Getz Bros. & Company’s Price List, 1907.

It wasn’t until 1965 that Getz Healthcare arrived in Australia. In the decades since, Getz Healthcare has gained a reputation as the leading distributor of high-end medical products and services throughout Australia, currently representing 220 product ranges from over 50 brands.

Just as the Getz Bros.’ success was a result of Joseph and Max’s forward thinking, insight, and honest and ethical reputation, Getz Healthcare continues to be known for these high values, which remain at the core of our business. Today, the Getz Group has over 150 offices and 12,000 employees globally and we continue to be a trusted name across the globe as we serve the medical industry with Getz Healthcare.

Getz Bros. & Company promoting Heinz in Shanghai, 1920.

Getz Bros. & Company, Sole Agent, Shanghai, 1925.

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Pioneers in global distribution for over 110 years, Getz Healthcare is the destination of choice for the medical industry, connecting communities with the latest and most advanced equipment, products, and services from around the world.

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